We support the right to life of the unborn and the sovereign right of States to safeguard this right. Every human life warrants protection.

Every person has the right to the highest attainable standard of health, and it is the responsibility of governments to ensure the full realization of this right by focusing on the provision of basic health care services and access to essential medicines for all.


Strong families are the bedrock of flourishing societies, and every person has the right to marry and found a family.

Everyone has the fundamental right to education, and parents have a right prior to the State or any other entity to guide the education of their children.

The right of conscience, including the freedom to adopt and manifest a religion of belief of one's choice, is inherent to every person and must be afforded the highest protection by States to ensure the development of free and just societies.

Authentic solutions to sustainable development prioritize the needs of the person and focus on harnessing human ingenuity to drive development, not on the reduction of population size.

We call on states to safeguard the rights of sick, disabled, and elderly person, including the right to life and to the highest attainable standard of health, and to reject the promotion of euthanasia and assisted suicide, which undermine the inherent dignity of the human person.